Sleep Apnea Orthodontist in Indianapolis

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At every stage of life, a good night’s sleep is essential to one’s overall health and well-being. Although sleep-related breathing disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea, can occur at any age, these conditions can have a profound impact on a child’s quality of life.

At The Center for Pediatric Sleep Apnea Orthodontics in Indianapolis, our doctors are experts in all aspects of facial growth and development. We understand the complex relationship between craniofacial anatomy and airway function and how it contributes to both orthodontic and sleep apnea issues. By working closely with Pediatric Sleep Medicine specialists, ENTs, and Primary Care Physicians, we can identify and help address obstructive sleep apnea while treating orthodontic problems to improve a child’s overall wellness.

Our sleep apnea orthodontists in Indianapolis routinely diagnose and treat dental and skeletal issues that can affect the airway (nasopharyngeal & oropharyngeal passages) and/or be indicative of obstructed breathing, including:

  • An underdeveloped or recessed lower jaw
  • A high-vaulted palate (roof of the mouth)
  • Narrow upper and lower jaws
  • Severe crowding

Our orthodontists can also identify enlarged tonsils and adenoids, mouth-breathing and other functional, skeletal and soft tissue issues that can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea in children.

We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about any of the services that we offer. You may contact us by calling our office today.

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